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About the Ronald McDonald Houses

What are the needs of patients in families staying at the Ronald McDonald Houses?

These children have multiple needs: to perform laboratory and imaging studies, prolonged outpatient treatments (eg, transfusions and chemotherapy sessions) and day hospital admissions, in addition to an adequate socio-emotional support network that is critical to success. of medical treatment. This is where it is very important and decisive to have a Ronald McDonald House. What is the contribution of a Ronald McDonald House within this scenario? In order to meet these needs, the Ronald McDonald Houses provide accommodation and support through a comfortable space that guarantees services and health conditions appropriate to the pathologies of these children and their families. In turn, they have a place for families with children who are hospitalized or with outpatient treatment, as well as mothers of high-risk premature infants. All this allows the hospital to have an institution that works with its doctors in the comprehensive recovery of children.

What does it mean to live in a Ronald McDonald House?

The Ronald McDonald House is a true home for families who have to travel from afar and leave their homes in the midst of the uncertainty and disorder caused by critical, chronic or acute illness within a family. Living in the Ronald McDonald House allows them to maintain the customs of the family, and thus be able to carry out the treatment of their sick child in a calmer and age-appropriate way, since a sick child needs to play, distract himself, interact with other children , entertain, perform socially, continue to grow and develop their own potential of childhood.

What services does the Ronald McDonald House offer?

In a Ronald McDonald House families will find lodging, hospitality, adapted comforts and all the necessary support to endure one of the most difficult moments of their lives. A House, in which, under one roof, families will share similar experiences where solidarity and mutual collaboration and support coexist. The House, in addition to giving these families accommodation and support, also offers, among others, these services:

  • Closeness to the treatment center, thus avoiding the cost of transfers and discomfort for patients with motor difficulties.
  • Kitchens that allow families to maintain diets under medical indication, at low cost and according to the modalities of each area of ​​the country.
  • Isolation conditions according to the medical requirements of each child through a highly complex room.
  • Health conditions appropriate to the pathologies of these children.
  • Accommodation for more than one companion for each patient, with the possibility of receiving up to three members of the family group.
  • Learning of social guidelines, hygiene and coexistence.
  • Concentration of resources and efforts in the same physical space, both institutional and professional, especially in relation to long-term patients. This allows the strengthening of resources from different municipal institutions, social works, other NGOs and companies for the benefit of children.
  • Entertainment and sociocultural insertion activities: games and computer room, therapeutic organic garden, library, recreational activities and workshops for patients and parents, entertainment outings and recreational walks: cinema, shows, outdoor outings, etc.

Who and how can you access a Ronald McDonald House?

The Houses are fully accessible to any family with children who are pediatric patients of the nearby hospitals, and who, after the evaluation of the hospital’s Social Assistance Service, present the need to remain in the House while their child receives their treatment. The Houses consider free accommodation for a family group of up to four people.

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